A Kuria church in Kenya worshipping the Lord!



Did you know that according to Operation World, approx 80% of Kenyans claim to be Christians? 48% are evangelicals.  But according to Operation World, there is still 31% of the 115 people groups who are unreached for the gospel!

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Somalis in Kenya

Al Shabaab, the Somali-based terrorist group, has increased its attacks on Christians in neighbouring Kenya. Through propaganda and lies, it incites Muslims across the region to take up arms against Kenya's 'infidels' and 'crusaders.' In the most recent attacks, dozens have been killed and many others kidnapped for propaganda or the sex trade. Human trafficking is an endemic problem in the Muslim areas of East Africa. 

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Did you know that according to Operation World, there are more than 1,200,000,000 people in India?And only 5.8% claim to be Christian and only 2.2% are evangelicals.  88% of the people groups in India are still unreached with the gospel.

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