Report from Tanzania

Pray for the work in Tanzania – National cleansing? A report from Lawrence & Pasisi Guyali, Tanzania: 

The Dar es Salaam assembly continues well, strong and determined despite numerous setbacks experienced in the past. Continue holding us in your thoughts and prayers. I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya, to look for a permanent passport. Ever since the newleadership under the new president of Tanzania commenced, there have been so many ups and downs, especially to foreigners.

I’ve witnessed many expatriates relocating back to their motherland because of tough enforced regulations. This includes Malawians, members of our assembly. Many without valid passport or permits were told to gather at a certain field to be given proper documentation only to be rounded up and thrown into cells. To be released they had to cough up some big amount of money of which most don’t have. This led many to move back to their country or others to stay hidden on the outskirts of Dar for the fear of victimization.

Even Kenyans on the Kenya/Tanzanian border weren’t spared, with families who had intermarried torn apart from their loved ones. Social media in Tanzania was filled with hate speech towards Kenyans saying ‘These people are here to take our jobs and yet they don’t have permits’ till it instilled fear within me. I have only a temporary passport which I’ve been renewing annually, but my wife and daughter have none – which pains me.

Another challenge is the church registration. It has been an uphill task but after the documentation issue gets completed, then there may be brethren who might help. My co-brother in the ministry, Br Paul from India, has moved his family to India for his sons’ further studies. Hold him in your prayers as he is all alone in Tanzania. Hold us as an assembly in your prayers because Dar es Salaam is a stony place to grow a church with a New Testament pattern. We just need God’s grace.” (No registrations have been given out for years, as there are many Moslems in Government –Ed.)

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