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Latest reports on drought/famine Sept/October 2017

So far approximately $108,000 has been raised for the drought/famine relief in Kenya.  

The expected harvest in Late August/September has been quite a ‘mixed bag.’ 

In some areas there has been a partial harvest and we praise God for that. But William Akoto reports that other areas and particulalry the region close to Lake Victoria is still very bad. They have missed two consecutive seasons and now there is no rain for planting.  

The forecast is for below-average rainfall between October and December.  

Further North in the Pokot and Turkana, the situation is also dire.

William also reports that other parts of South Nyanza have had some rain but there has been an Army Worm infestation which has eaten much of the newly planted crops.  The situation in that area and the Lake region is very frustrating for people there.  Many families are starting to go without food again.  So we need to keep them in our prayers. 

Lazarua Kissau reports that in Eastern and the Coast the rains have just started and they are praying that they may be sufficient for a harvest but it will be at least three months away yet.  In the meantime people are still in famine in those lower parts of the country. There are still many also in need of seed for planting right now.

We thank God for His provision to date in helping those who are hurting, and we are very thankful for all those who have given selflessly toward the famine relief.  We ask that you keep these people in your prayers and encourage you to continue to help if you are able.

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Reports up to April 2017



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Starving nation: Horrifying face of misery as hunger and drought wreak havoc

We are deeply concerned over the drought causing severe hardship in Kenya. Recent emails from the field indicate the seriousness of the situation, as funds held by us are only sufficient for the widows and orphans. If anyone can help, it would greatly assist our brothers and sisters in this time of their need.

William (Kopanga) We are going through a severe drought and famine, please pray for us and if possible can AAA to consider us for a relief grant, as crops have failed completely. Assemblies are in terrible situation, more so along Lake Victoria. So please pray and consider our need.

John (Maasai) This part of sub Saharan Africa where sun is very hot and everything seems dry, its very pity some part of the county their cattle have started to die because of lack of pastures and water, some are drinking bad water hence there is high prevalence of typhoid. In Christ, John and Sylvia

Nahashon (Ukunda) Brother John we're experiencing the worst drought in history animals have died. Rivers are dried up crops have dried up in farms plus a scorching sun. The situation is so bad especially in Mangwei where we have this new Assembly. The Coast region is the worst affected and that is where we are, the news is all over the media. Children, Women and the Aged are the most affected, people are dying. Kindly pray for over 1.3 million people affected with this drought here in Kenya, even Ukunda has not been left out. Kindly pray for us and if in any position act. God bless, Brother Nashon

Alex (Webuye) Praise God. Kindly continue praying with our Kenyan brothers and sisters who are suffering from the drought that God may sustain them and release rain. Also if God can open doors for us to visit them and share with them the little that God will have provided and it will be a blessing. Yours Brother Alex

Joash (Migori) Join us in prayer for most of our people are really struggling for food and water due to the famine and drought that is facing our area and most part of Africa. May the Lord bless you. Elder Joash

Daniel Ochieng (Rongo) We are experiencing, scarcity of food, as we have had a prolonged drought, it rained for the first time today. We value your Prayers, the cost of food, and all the Basic needs has gone up. Many Orphans, widows and Vulnerable Children, are hardly having a meal a day. We will hardly have enough to take us to the end February. Pray with us. Thanks, Daniel

Reports on the drought/famine Feb 2017

The ‘long rains’ are now due in East Africa. If they fall, it will be August at the earliest before there can be any harvest.  Assembly Aid Abroad Inc. have requested reports from our Advisory Committees on numbers of Christians affected, and these have so far come in:

Lazarus Kisau, Nairobi Advisory Committee

Yes it is true there is severe drought in Kenya and in many places people and livestock are dying. But we really thank God this has as yet died in our assemblies. But we have some areas in our assemblies where there is potential for this to happen soon if nothing is done to arrest the situation.

This season the short rains were too short, which meant there was no harvest from the small farms our brethren farm.

Most needy areas in our region are Eastern Province (Mwingi, Mombasa, Coast regions). Most needy are the subsistence farmers whose crops failed and the casual workers living in the slums.

At we have done the actual counting of the families affected and we estimate 680 people, children and orphans.

We will buy food and distribute equitably according to the needs of the brethren in different assemblies.

Eastern and Coast we think their long term solution would be provision of water, especially sinking of a borehole shallow wells. 


Evans Akhwale, Busia, Western Advisory Committee, Uganda border

We are doing well in the Lord and also our Assemblies in Western Kenya. Brother Daniel Shiranda has joined us in Western Kenya and has planted a new Assembly at Kirnilili in Bungoma. We would like to thank you AAA for your continued support and also standing with us in prayer. May God bless you in His ministry.

In Kenya we have a very severe drought all over the country and as a result, there is critical famine, shortage of water and struggling with medical issues at the moment. Over 23 out of 47 County governments in Kenya are seriously affected.

It is our belief that even our fellow brethren are suffering and especially widows and orphans. Let us pray that God will bring more rains soon and care for His people.

In reply to your request for the help needed to feed the suffering at this time, we estimate that we need 40 Bags of maize at ksh. 3,600/- each(total ksh 144,000/-) and 20 bags of beans at ksh. 4,000/- (total ksh. 80,000/-). These will be distributed to the widows /orphans and others who are in greatest need, all for our assemblies in Western Kenya.

Daniel Ochieng, Rongo, South West Kenya:

The Government has now declared the ongoing drought and Famine a National Disaster, and called on all to help in mitigating the Impact.

The drought problem is affecting the whole country of Kenya. The cause is lack of rain, which led to crop failure and now famine.

The Maize failed in the entire country, even in Kitale the food basket of the entire country. The Maize failed due to drought and Maize disease, with the Lake Victoria Region of West Kenya affected more. The most needy and affected people are Orphans and Children. The total number can be estimated at 680 Orphans and Children.

I have been personally to these Churches and I know most of the members, but still I will need to work with the Elders. As done before during previous droughts, we will need to buy, basic food items and distribute them according to need,  per individual. If the funds allow we will buy some seeds and fertilizers for those who have prepared their farms for planting,  We will talk more when you come, but one way is to empower our Evangelist and Churches to be involve in some income Generating activities, which we have started training People on.

William Akoto, Kenya/Tanzanian border, near Lake Victoria

The  drought has covered  a wide area that is churches  from Kenya  and Tanzania especially.  Churches along the Lake Victoria region are badly  affected. Most needy are  women, children, and old aged. The number needing  urgent  help are about 400 people through the local churches and elders. We  will distribute food and  other basic necessities as support becomes available. Thanks for your prayers and considerations. we appreciate  your  response.

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